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So since I have this new and wonderful blog setup for all to see, I think I need to update it now with my past shoots. Here is Serene, she is a very pretty little girl and these shots were taken at around her 14th day into this wonderful world. We were going to do them sooner but I was hit with the flubug. This was definitely more of a challenge due to the fact that it was past the ideal 10 day newborn shoot. Oh and btw, if you would like to have newborn photos, the best time to to have them done is within the first 10 days because this is when the little one does NOTHING but sleep. It won’t be impossible if done after the 10 days but the baby may not want to sleep as much.

So onto the show. I co-shot this with my friend Amber Iverson, who provided some or I think all of the little props and headbands, so I thank you for that little contribution. We definitely had fun with this one. Hope you enjoy!

Caught this one just in time!

And what’s a newborn session without a ring shot! (I stole this shot idea from Amber. Thanks!)

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