K’Avonni | Lake County Newborn Photographer |

I had the pleasure of meeting this 12 day old little princess in the making, K’Avonni. At first, this little one was wide awake and wasn’t going down anytime soon so I took advantage of some shots of her with her beautiful eyes open. But once she was out for the count, even a Midwest Snowpocolypse with thunder and lightning and 6 foot drifts and flying cows wasn’t going to wake this little one up. I guess this was because she was born on the day the big storm hit our little part of the country.

Once the party began, my assistant slash wife slash business manager slash boss and I had a lot of fun with this shoot because we were able to dress her up where even Back to School Barbie would turn around and do a double take and get jealous of all the outfits and props we had for K’Avonni.

A big thank you to Mommy Nikole for helping out with the feeding and changing when it was needed. Hope you enjoy!

I think this is my favorite of them all.

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